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Craps at Go Casino

At the first glance rules of this old amazing game may look too difficult and complicated. This impression is reinforced when looking at a pretty big gaming table with multiple fields for bets. Moreover, in the process of learning the game it turns out that it is not always possible to put chips on a particular field. But, gradually entering into the intricacies of playing craps it is impossible not to get carried away with this exciting process. Vegas Technology Software developers that have created software for Go Casino have truly recreated the atmosphere of casino. Thanks to them you can forget that you're behind computer's monitor while playing craps at Go Casino. Fascinating dice conk shaken out by thrower, quiet background sound of hall full of players - all this is interrupted only with soft music in case if you win.

There are Craps at Go Casino in flash version and in more pleasant and exciting variant. In both cases you can put aside immediate betting with your cash, and initially play craps online at Go Casino for funny money. It would help you to get acknowledged with all game nuances, gain experience and get yourself together without any risks. Begin with a simple bet on Pass Line. If sum of values on dices is 2, 3 or 12, you lost. If 11 or 7 fall, you win. Combinations of 4,5,6,8, 9 or 10 are named Point; they are succeeded with additional throws. If 7 falls before Point repeat, then luck smiles you. Is it difficult? Than good luck to you!

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